3 Reasons an HVAC System Smells Bad & What to Do About It

Most homeowners depend on their HVAC system to protect themselves against harsh temperatures. It is well-known that HVAC units are a blessing in disguise because of their functionalities, but sometimes HVAC units can cause serious health concerns if not maintained annually.

Schedule annual AC maintenance in Stony Brook to protect your family from any safety hazards. Sometimes homeowners often face issues like pungent or foul odors emitting out of their furnace unit. In case you face this issue, take immediate action and vacate the house. After vacating your home, call a professional for AC repair in Stony Brook, NY. Do not delay or try to perform a DIY because this will affect the performance of the unit. 

Reasons Why You Can Smell a Foul Odor Coming Out of Your HVAC Unit

There are various reasons why your furnace unit can emit foul odors. While these odors are dangerous, homeowners must know the reason behind them. Some of the common reasons include – 

  • Clogged Drain Lines 

Your HVAC unit is responsible for absorbing the heat energy from the surroundings and emitting it outside the home. When there is excess humidity, the HVAC unit must absorb this and push it down the drainage lines in the form of water. Sometimes the clogged drains produce foul odors. This happens when you do not perform regular cleaning of your HVAC unit. The clogged drain pipes cause the growth of bacteria and algae. To prevent this, schedule regular tune-ups and repairs. 

  • Contaminated Coils

The evaporator coils’ job is to absorb the heat energy from the home. Sometimes due to the clogged air filters, the evaporator coils freeze causing poor air quality. In some situations, when the air is pushed through the air filters and the coil to the outdoor unit, it causes the buildup of dirt and other contaminants. To avoid this situation, schedule AC maintenance stony brook to perform a deep cleaning of your HVAC unit. 

  • Unwanted Pests

Due to the harsh weather conditions, the growth of pests is quite common. Once the pest enters the HVAC unit, it may not be able to exit, or it may lead to building a new home inside your system. The existence of such contaminants inside your AC unit causes a foul odor. To bring this issue under control, reach out to experts for pest control. This will help get rid of the foul odors that your HVAC unit is emitting. To prevent this efficient ductwork and home sealing are required. This measure will prevent unwanted pests from entering your home. 

In case of such situations, take immediate action. Foul odors are dangerous for your entire family. The best way to avoid these issues is by scheduling frequent maintenance routines and taking care of your HVAC system. 

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Why Is Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water?

It can be uncomfortable if you turn your air conditioner on during a hot summer afternoon and find it leaking. Some reasons which cause the leaks can be fixed by yourself while some require AC repair in Stony Brook, NY services. 

However, the worst possible way to treat a leak from the air conditioner is not to treat it at all. Address the issue immediately as it can grow into a serious problem and destroy your ceiling, walls, furniture, etc. The following are three troubleshooting tips for leaky AC units.

  • The Evaporator Coil Is Frozen

Only a few factors can lead up to leaks in any air conditioner device. The first one is dirty air filters. If the filters are dirty, the air is not allowed to pass through them. This restriction causes the evaporator coil to freeze. 

The refrigerant fluid that soaks up heat and exchanges cool air flows through the evaporator coil. If there is no airflow, then there is no heat for the fluid to absorb, and it, in turn, freezes, forming ice. This ice melts later on causing leaks. Blocked registers, damages in the blower motor, and lack of refrigerant fluid can also cause the evaporator coil to freeze.

You can avoid the problem by replacing your air filter every 2-3 months. Do not cover your air vents or registers as they may cause this problem too.

  • Cracked Drain Pipe

The evaporator coil uses your drainpipe, which is under the indoor air handler. This pipe catches and discards any condensation from the air conditioning unit. Turn your unit off and check if the drain pan and pipe are damaged. The pan is connected to the drainpipe, which discards the condensate outside.

With a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, clean the overflow pan first before checking the corners, buttons, and edges with a flashlight. If you find damage, you can fix it temporarily with a water sealant. However, call for AC maintenance Stony Brook service to repair the damage permanently.

  • Clogs In The Condensate Drain Line

If you have a wet-dry vacuum, you can fix this issue yourself. The clogs can be due to the algae and fungi formation at the drain line. You need to clean the drain line regularly to avoid the issue.

First, locate the PVC pipe at your air conditioner’s drain pan. It will have a pipe that is placed at 90 degrees facing up with a cap on top of it.

Then, unscrew the cap and pour some vinegar down the pipe. This will kill the algae and fungi while keeping your pipe free of clogs. If the pipe is still clogged, you can call for a professional or use the wet-dry vacuum yourself to clean the line.

Sometimes the drain line might not be connected properly, which is causing the problem. Contact us at (631)-928-1250 for professional assistance to fix your AC unit leaks. For expert AC replacement in Stony Brook, NYyou can mail us at bobbyos@optonline.net to book an appointment.

Here’s Why Your Outdated AC System May Need Replacement

Air conditioners are a long-term investment; however, they too have a set limit of years. One cannot expect their HVAC system to last for 3-4 decades once they’ve purchased it, even after excellent AC maintenance in Stony Brook. You may not always be convinced if it’s time for something new if you have an older HVAC system or different cooling demands these days. 

Signs That Shows AC system Needs Replacement

The indications listed below might help you determine whether or not you need to upgrade your air conditioning this season.

  • Your Current System is Old

With proper care and maintenance, air conditioners may last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Even though your system is still technically functioning, it may start to use more power and become less efficient at cooling as it ages. The systems on the market now are significantly more efficient and dependable, thanks to developments in current HVAC technology.

  • Your Utility Bills Are Increasing

Rising power expenses are another indicator that your air conditioner may need to be replaced. Your equipment might have to put more effort and consume more power to maintain the needs of air conditioning in your house. It is visible when the outside temperature is high. The minimum efficiency has been raised to 14 SEER, whilst earlier models may only have a 9 SEER rating.

When you buy a more functional furnace or air conditioning, you can save cash on your power costs. For instance, upgrading from a 10 SEER system (most units bought before 2006) to an Energy Star 16 SEER system can save you roughly $1,971 throughout your systems’ life.

  • Your System Creates Unusual Noises

It’s typical for HVAC systems to make some noise, but if you find that your air conditioner gets particularly noisy after it starts up, this might signal a problem with an internal component. Pay attention to any clattering, squeaking, or pounding sounds and call for an AC repair in Stony Brook, NY.

  • Your Homes’ Interior Temperature Fluctuates

If you notice that some sections of your home are excessively hot or cold, it’s possible that your air conditioner isn’t working correctly. Your device may only require tiny repairs in some situations. However, in others, this may be the time to consider an AC replacement in Stony Brook, NY. Incompatible temperatures in the home might indicate that your HVAC system is too small or too old to provide a sufficient dispersion of cool air.

  • Your System is Unable to Keep Up

If your house seems overheated even though the air conditioner is on full blast, or if your unit seems to be working continually to keep the temperature stable, it may be time to replace your system. It’s possible that your existing HVAC system isn’t appropriately sized or can’t hang like it used to.

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