3 Reasons an HVAC System Smells Bad & What to Do About It

3 Reasons an HVAC System Smells Bad & What to Do About It


Most homeowners depend on their HVAC system to protect themselves against harsh temperatures. It is well-known that HVAC units are a blessing in disguise because of their functionalities, but sometimes HVAC units can cause serious health concerns if not maintained annually.

Schedule annual AC maintenance in Stony Brook, NY to protect your family from any safety hazards. Sometimes homeowners often face issues like pungent or foul odors emitting out of their furnace unit. In case you face this issue, take immediate action and vacate the house. After vacating your home, call a professional for AC repair in Stony Brook, NY. Do not delay or try to perform a DIY because this will affect the performance of the unit. 

Reasons Why You Can Smell a Foul Odor Coming Out of Your HVAC Unit

There are various reasons why your furnace unit can emit foul odors. While these odors are dangerous, homeowners must know the reason behind them. Some of the common reasons include – 

Clogged Drain Lines 

Your HVAC unit is responsible for absorbing the heat energy from the surroundings and emitting it outside the home. When there is excess humidity, the HVAC unit must absorb this and push it down the drainage lines in the form of water. Sometimes the clogged drains produce foul odors. This happens when you do not perform regular cleaning of your HVAC unit. The clogged drain pipes cause the growth of bacteria and algae. To prevent this, schedule regular tune-ups and repairs. 

Contaminated Coils

The evaporator coils’ job is to absorb the heat energy from the home. Sometimes due to the clogged air filters, the evaporator coils freeze causing poor air quality. In some situations, when the air is pushed through the air filters and the coil to the outdoor unit, it causes the buildup of dirt and other contaminants. To avoid this situation, schedule AC maintenance stony brook to perform a deep cleaning of your HVAC unit. 

Unwanted Pests

Due to the harsh weather conditions, the growth of pests is quite common. Once the pest enters the HVAC unit, it may not be able to exit, or it may lead to building a new home inside your system. The existence of such contaminants inside your AC unit causes a foul odor. To bring this issue under control, reach out to experts for pest control. This will help get rid of the foul odors that your HVAC unit is emitting. To prevent this efficient ductwork and home sealing are required. This measure will prevent unwanted pests from entering your home. 

In case of such situations, take immediate action. Foul odors are dangerous for your entire family. The best way to avoid these issues is by scheduling frequent maintenance routines and taking care of your HVAC system. 

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