What Can I Do About Furnace Short-Cycling

When the temperature in your house lowers, your furnace works by generating enough heat to achieve the required temperature. A typical issue that one might face in the winter is a short cycling furnace.

Furnace short cycling refers to the furnace repeatedly going on and off, preventing it from generating warm air and keeping your house comfortable throughout the cold weather season.

Mentioned Below Are Some Of The Short Cycling Causes And Their Solutions:

  • A Bad Flame Sensor

A filthy flame sensor can cause your furnace flame to go out soon after being turned on. When the flame sensor doesn’t detect a flame, it will shut off the natural gas valve to prevent it from pumping raw gas into your house, which might lead to disastrous gas fires. A faulty flame rod cuts out the flame quickly after being started, resulting in a short furnace cycle.

Flame sensors are also prone to corrosion because your furnace creates little quantities of water throughout the heating cycle. Over time, this might lead to corrosion and rust in your furnace, leading to short cycling.

Solution: Clean or replace the flame sensor by calling our experts from heat pump repair in Stony Brook, NY, since such work involves meticulous approaches and specific instruments.

  • A Very Dirty Furnace Filter

A contaminated air filter inhibits hot air from moving throughout your house, resulting in short cycles and overheating. Restricting the air entering the system generates a blocked exhaust vent and inadequate insulation.

Aside from disturbing the furnace cycles, unclean air filters restrict your furnace from warming your house properly, leading to more major concerns.

Solution: The best approach to avoid a blocked air filter is to change the air filters regularly. If your furnace turns on and off frequently due to a dirty filter or exhaust vent, you can always call our experts from heating repair in Stony Brook, NY, to avoid this issue from turning into something more serious.

  • Closed Heat Grates

As air moves through your furnace, the heat grates enable the warmth to escape the system and circulate throughout your house. On the other hand, a clogged heat grate hinders the system from releasing enough heat and air to adequately warm the space, resulting in a short cycle and overheating.

Solution: Open some of the closed grates. At least 75 percent of them should be open. If boxes or furniture cover the grates, you may have to relocate some things, and if there are further complications, you can always call our experts from heat pump repair.

  • An Oversized Furnace

Your furnace, like the rest of your home’s equipment, is not a one-size-fits-all solution. An oversized system may result in short-cycling by fast and unevenly dispersing air. If your furnace is short cycling or you discover that your energy expenditures are greater than normal, you may want to examine the size of your furnace.

Solution: Unfortunately, there is no repair option for an enormous furnace. In such a case, the best approach to avoid dealing with a short-cycling furnace is to replace the system with one that matches your house.

In any case, our expert repair professionals from heating service in Stony Brook, will examine your furnace issue and recommend the most acceptable solution when employing our service; call Bobby O’ HVAC INC at (631) 928-1250.

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