How To Prepare Your AC To Prevent Breakdowns This Summer

During the hot summer days, the last thing that you would want is to turn on the air conditioning unit only to find that it has grown unresponsive. The main reason why an AC can stop functioning correctly is due to a lack of proper upkeep and maintenance. Spring is usually regarded as an ideal time to call for AC maintenance in Stony Brook, NY as the unit has been out of use for the past six winter months, collecting dust and debris.

How To Get Your AC Ready For Summer And Avoid Breakdowns?

 Scheduling regular professional maintenance and performing a few safety checks can ensure the smooth and efficient working of the air conditioning system. Following are some of the measures that can help you get your air conditioner ready for summer:

  • Check The Air Filters: The function of air filters is to obstruct the dust, dirt, and other harmful particles from entering the AC duct. However, sometimes these filters may be clogged with dust, and ignoring to clean the filters may result in restricted airflow and lower the performance of your machine. In addition, dirty filters may also release dust particles into your house, making the overall environment unpleasant. Hence, it is essential to clear the air filters so that the AC may continue to provide fresh air and a pleasant environment. 
  • Inspect The Coolant Lines: The coolant tubes are connected to the air conditioner’s evaporator to the condenser located outside. These tubes are coated with foam to maintain proper insulation. However, sometimes the tubes may get damaged, leading to the breakdown of the whole insulation system. Making sure to replace the damaged tubes with new insulation foams to ensure proper airflow.
  •  Take A Look At The Compressor: A compressor is usually located outside of the house and is the most exposed part of the unit. Different materials can enter the compressor through the cracks and obstruct the fan movement. This can lead to major breakdowns, so avoid this kind of situation; you must secure the compressor with a cover that will help keep the compressor away from coming in direct contact with any outside particles.
  • Schedule A Regular Maintenance Service: Scheduling regular maintenance is another way through which you can make your air conditioning unit ready for summer. The work of a professional maintenance technician is to check the feasibility of the electrical circuits, oil the machine parts, and make sure they are working correctly. While a majority of the people ignore this step, it is recommended to hire a maintenance service. Many maintenance services can help you increase the efficiency of your machine.

We at Bobby O’s HVAC Inc are a leading HVAC contractor in NY, and you can always count on our skilled technicians for all your installation, maintenance, and AC repair in Stony Brook, NY. To schedule a maintenance or repair service, you can connect with us at (631) 928-1250.

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