Furnace Maintenance Tips for Winter Season

Are you ready to face the frosty winters this holiday season? A full-functioning furnace unit will help you and your family survive the freezing temperatures this year. If you have not scheduled your regular maintenance check-up for your furnace unit, now is the time to do so to prevent any major breakdowns. Schedule the heating service in Stony Brook to know the condition of your furnace unit.

To avoid any major repairs, follow the maintenance tips given below to extend the lifetime of your furnace unit. 

Furnace Maintenance Tips 

  • Replace the air filters: The air filters inside your furnace unit serve the most important functionality. The air filters are used to prevent any type of contamination, bacteria, fungi, or mold from entering or building up in your system. The air filters also control the air quality of your place. It is essential to wash and replace your air filters once every three months to ensure that your furnace unit is working efficiently. If you notice the humidity levels rising or poor air quality, this indicates an issue with the air filters. 
  • Frequent maintenance: Like any other electrical appliance, furnace units require regular maintenance for them to perform optimally. This ensures the quality and prolongs the lifetime of the unit. Hire expert technicians for heating repair in Stony Brook, NYto ensure your unit lasts the entire winter season. 
  • Clean the outdoor unit: The outdoor unit of your furnace system is exposed to more dust and dirt when compared to the indoor units of the furnace system. Before cleaning, switch off the unit and brush off any fallen leaves or dust that may have entered the system. Before the freezing temperatures settle in, contact an HVAC professional to get your HVAC unit cleaned and ready for the winter season. 
  • Ductwork: Inspect the condition of your system’s ductwork. Usually, due to the dust and dirt, it often gets clogged. This affects the performance of the unit and the heating capacity. Get the ductwork cleaned annually to prevent this issue. 

Benefits of annual maintenance

  • Save up on utility bills: A well-maintained furnace unit will not draw in more energy at the time of usage. You will notice that there is consistency in the utility bills when the furnace unit is well-maintained.  
  • High comfort level: An optimal furnace unit provides your family members comfort from the harsh temperatures and protects your home from any damages. Regular maintenance ensures that there are no safety hazards or poor air quality standards that will compromise the safety of your loved ones. Contact professionals for the annual maintenance of your unit. 
  • Extended lifetime: If you schedule frequent tune-ups and maintain your furnace unit annually, this will prolong its lifetime, allowing it to last for at least 15 years. 

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