Five Points to Keep in Mind When Installing a New HVAC

Do you know that the air conditioning system’s efficiency depends on the accuracy of the installation process as well? You need to look for a reliable AC installation in Stony Brook, NYapart from finding an energy-efficient and suitable AC system.

You should also know the fundamentals of the AC installation process so you are aware of what the AC technician is doing. Our experts have made a list of points to consider when installing a new air conditioner.

Essential Points to Keep in Mind While Installing a New AC System

According to HVAC installation, here are a few things that should be in mind while installing:

  • Pick an AC System That Perfectly Fits Your Household

Every household owner should buy an air conditioning system after considering necessary factors like cooling capacity, energy-efficiency levels, and budget. The region’s climate is essential in determining the perfect AC system.

It is best to buy an AC system with SEER levels above 14. The Seasonal Efficiency Energy Rating levels define the energy consumption by the AC system.

House estimate service by the HVAC companies will help you find what type of air conditioning system you should buy. Buying an undersized or oversize AC system can cause issues in the comfort of your house.

  • Decide Whether You Need Equipment For Air Purification

According to the AC maintenance technicians in Stony Brook, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. People are investing in air purification equipment to keep indoors fresh and clean from harmful particles.

An air conditioning system is responsible for the air circulation in your household. Investing in high-quality air filters is best, so you breathe clean air. Electrostatic media or pleated air filters will be best to maximize the efficiency of keeping the harmful particles away.

There are premium quality air filters. However, advanced technology air filters will reduce the rate of the air transfer process.

  • Look For a Reliable and Trusted HVAC Company and Professionals

Hiring an experienced company is necessary to install the AC system correctly and quickly. The HVAC installation in Stony Brook, NY, has access to the latest technology tools that make the installation work easier.

The air conditioning system can perfectly present its best features if installed precisely and accurately. The experienced and skilled technician surveys the whole place to find the perfect place for installation so it can deliver services to every corner.

  • Get Familiar With the Installation Process

Before the installation day, read all the resources and blogs to know what happens on the installation day. You will better understand the installation process if you are familiar with the events that will take place.

Preparing or arranging the things needed during the AC installation in advance will help prevent delays and problems in the installation process.

You can even ask your technician AC repair in Stony Brook, NY, to explain the details of the installation process and their approach to installing the equipment.

  • Get a Building Permit Before Installing the AC System

The household owners need to have a building permit before commencing any renovation or HVAC installation work. The permit processing cost is included in the installation quote provided by the HVAC company.

The city inspector will inspect the installation process’s quality and precision if you have the building permit. If the HVAC installation passes all the quality checks, you will have the assurance that the air conditioning system will work efficiently and accurately.


With the experience of more than 15 years, Accu-Temp Heating and Air Conditioning technicians excel at performing all HVAC services. From helping you pick the perfect AC system to accurate installation in your surroundings, our experts have covered everything!

Call (386)244-9440 to get a quote today for AC replacement in Stony Brook, NY.

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