Essential Plumbing Services for Residential, Commercial, and New Construction Properties


Plumbing is an often overlooked but essential aspect of maintaining a comfortable and functional property. For residential, commercial, and new construction properties, reliable plumbing systems contribute to the comfort and well-being of occupants and play a vital role in protecting the property’s long-term value. Poorly maintained or malfunctioning plumbing systems could lead to issues like leaks, water damage, and mold growth, jeopardizing the safety and value of your living or working space.

Bobby O’s HVAC Inc. understands the significance of having properly maintained plumbing systems to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in addressing the unique requirements of different property types and offers a range of plumbing solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services Offered

Our professionals provide a wide range of plumbing services to meet the diverse needs of your property. Some of our key service offerings include:

  1. Plumbing Installation: We specialize in the installation of plumbing systems for new constructions, property extensions, and renovations. Our team ensures seamless integration of the plumbing components, resulting in efficient systems that cater to your property’s unique demands.

  2. Plumbing Repairs: Our technicians are adept at troubleshooting and addressing various plumbing issues, including but not limited to leaks, drain clogs, pipe bursts, and water pressure problems. We offer prompt, reliable repair services to minimize further damage and restore functionality to your plumbing systems.

  3. Plumbing Maintenance: Regular plumbing maintenance and inspection are essential to prevent unexpected issues and potential disasters. Our professionals provide comprehensive maintenance services that protect your property and extend the lifespan of your plumbing systems.

  4. Plumbing Upgrades: If you’re considering upgrades or replacements for outdated plumbing components, our team can assist in selecting suitable options, ensuring that your property benefits from improved efficiency and modern technology.

Plumbing Solutions for Residential Properties

Homeowners can rely on our expertise to maintain a comfortable, healthy living environment through top-quality plumbing solutions. Our team will help address various residential plumbing challenges, such as:

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing: From sink installation and repairs to drain cleaning and faucet replacements, our professionals handle multiple kitchen and bathroom plumbing-related tasks.


  2. Water Heaters: We offer installation, maintenance, and repair services for traditional and tankless water heaters, ensuring that your home has a constant hot water supply.


  3. Leak Detection and Repair: Our technicians use advanced methods and tools to identify and address potential leaks, preventing water damage and wasted resources.

Plumbing Services for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties have unique plumbing requirements that demand customized solutions. We provide dedicated services tailored to suit commercial spaces, including:

  1. Commercial Drain Cleaning: We offer efficient drain cleaning services to tackle common issues such as blockages and foul odors, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic environment in your commercial space.

  2. Backflow Prevention: Our team installs backflow prevention devices and performs regular inspections and maintenance to safeguard your property’s water supply from contamination.

  3. High-Efficiency Plumbing Upgrades: We can recommend and install energy-saving plumbing components to help reduce utility costs and improve the overall eco-friendliness of your commercial property.

Integrating Plumbing Solutions for New Construction Projects

Incorporating plumbing solutions during the construction phase ensures optimal performance and efficient systems from the start. Our services for new construction projects include:

  1. Plumbing Design and Installation: Our professionals collaborate with builders, architects, and other tradespeople to design and install plumbing systems that cater to the specific requirements of your new property.

  2. Plumbing Fixture Selection: We advise on the selection of suitable plumbing fixtures, taking into consideration factors such as style, functionality, efficiency, and, most importantly, your budget.

  3. Plumbing Inspections and Code Compliance: Our technicians conduct thorough inspections to verify that your new construction project’s plumbing complies with local codes and regulations, ensuring the safety and reliability of the systems.


High-quality plumbing services are crucial for maintaining a comfortable and safe environment in residential, commercial, and new construction properties. Our team of skilled professionals at Bobby O’s HVAC Inc. is dedicated to providing tailored plumbing solutions that cater to the unique needs of your property. From installations and repairs to maintenance and upgrades, we are committed to delivering prompt, reliable services that protect your investment and ensure the well-being of occupants. Contact our HVAC company in Setauket today to learn more about our expert plumbing services and how they can make a difference in your living or working spaces.

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