3 Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing A New AC

All new air conditioner buyers often are confused when buying one specific model of an air conditioner for their homes. Choosing an air conditioner is not simple as it involves considering several factors, and missing any of these points can be costly in the future.

You should contact a reputable installer for AC installation in Stony Brook to help you through the installation process. However, you should know how to choose the best AC for you.

Three Factors While Choosing An Air Conditioner.

Power Consumption

Some air conditioners consume too much energy while working, leading to your energy bills reaching new highs each month. On the other hand, some air conditioners do not consume too much energy and provide proper cooling. If you accidentally buy a system that consumes too much energy, you will have to face high energy bills each month.

Cooling Efficiency

As the name suggests, you should find an air conditioner that consumes a reasonable amount of energy and provides proper cooling levels in your home. The higher the SEER value, the higher output your air conditioner will give you. If the efficiency of your new air conditioner falls, you can contact a technician for AC maintenance in Stony Brook.


Although most of the latest air conditioners make minimal sounds while working, it is always better to check the noise levels of your shortlisted air conditioners. If you have family members who are sensitive to noise, it is important to check this factor carefully.


If you feel you do not have enough guidance and knowledge to buy a new air conditioner by yourself, allow Bobby O’s HVAC Inc. to help you. We will ensure you get the best system for you that works for as many years as it can. Contact us for furnace and AC repair in Stony Brook, NY.

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